Photographers Inc.

Nice to meet you.

My Name is Shinoc.

Nice to meet you it is Shinoc. It is 42-year-old man now. 
There was a thing of birth in the motorcycle shop, too and it was put from infancy to the motorcycle. It is every day when single lens reflexes are obtained more than 2007, and it gives oneself up to the world of the camera.
It works hard in work, and it works hard in the hobby and it works hard at the home by one's best. Please continue your favors toward everybody.
Because it is a person on the blacklist, it is the handling attention.

シノック・オブ・ジョイトイ Shinoc of Joytoy

「ジョイトイ」とはКуратанов(クラタノフ: 写真家・作詞作曲家)とシノックが結成したユニットの名前である。つまり、シノック・オブ・ジョイトイとは「ジョイトイプロジェクトの一員であるシノック」という意味。ユニットとしては、独自の世界観を有し、写真・映像や音楽による表現活動を展開する。
出典: フリー百科事典『ウソペディア(Usopedia)』


Nikon D3 & BMW C600Sport

SlipSlideRide スピードに魅了された瞬間

The motorcycle is stepped over getting up early, and the engine is slowly warmed and it begins to run. 
The usual companion is waiting the usual departure point. 
And, it begins to run. The destination of today is decided while speaking a foolish thing. 
It begins to run. The accelerator is opened to my limit. It runs through on the pass road, and it lights a cigarette at a dash in the top of a mountain. 

What a refreshing pleasant feelings it is! It is wonderful ..alive. 
The shutter for the camera is cut at such a moment.


Sound Studio MTR

This is a private studio created to enjoy music.